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The Importance of Communication in Commercial Cleaning Services

An often overlooked aspect of providing superior janitorial services to commercial clients relates to communication. Commercial cleaning services are a foundational aspect of the support and success of business operations, and a solid communication strategy helps to optimize this relationship.

TamCare understands the importance of a communication strategy that keeps its clients in the know and fosters a strong partnership. As a veteran-owned business, TamCare has experience in leadership, and it permeates throughout the entire organization. Having this background has allowed the TamCare leadership team to build an organizational structure and communication channels that are effective and also create workflow efficiencies. 

The Importance of a Communication Strategy in Commercial Cleaning

Part of providing quality janitorial services is related to communication. A strategy for getting information out to all relevant parties helps to enable the best outcomes for clients. 

Ways Strong Communication Helps:

  • Expectations are expressed and aligned.
  • Changes are communicated in a timely manner.
  • Procedures for unexpected events are clear.
  • Even when employee or tenant turnover occurs, things don’t slip through the cracks.

Elements of a Commercial Cleaning Communication Strategy:

  • Create an internal feedback loop. One important aspect of the communication strategy is providing the staff with a mechanism to give feedback about internal practices and procedures. By listening to those who have their ears to the ground, we can adjust, optimize and improve the services our clients receive. 
  • Create an optimized communication mechanism for clients. A thorough client communication strategy will include keeping management and tenants in the building up to date on janitorial practices and procedures on an ongoing basis.
  • Be prepared. No matter what happens, clients, tenants and employees will have visibility into their janitorial services through solid and consistent communication. Whether dealing with internal fluctuations or external factors, the process of dealing with major or minor changes will be seamless.

At TamCare Services, we know the importance of communication with our staff and clients. We work hard to keep the flow of information strong so that our team is on the same page and has a mechanism to communicate concerns and changes to us as well our clients know what to expect from us and have an easy way to let us know any concerns that come up. In addition to nurturing an open line of communication on a one-to-one basis, we survey our team members regularly so they can provide open feedback. 

TamCare has a culture of growth that can only be supported by providing superior services, and we believe communication plays an integral role in that success. Our strong leadership skills have created a positive working environment that empowers our train so they are poised to offer our clients nothing less than the best janitorial services. 

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At TamCare Services, founded in 1994, we let our clients know from the start that we are more than just a janitorial and commercial cleaning services company. We are passionate, proactive partners in creating a clean and healthy workspace. We provide service in West Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties.