Marble, Granite, and Natural Stone Care

Marble, Granite, and Natural Stone are frequently used in commercial settings due to high traffic, and the floor can become dull, scratched, and damaged. TamCare Services floor technicians are highly trained and have experience with every type of marble, granite, terrazzo, and natural stone.

With the proper maintenance program, floors will always look lustrous and new. We offer commercial floor care services in West Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, Broward, and Martin.

Our commercial floor maintenance program includes the following:

  • Diamond Grinding
  • Cleaning & Polishing
  • Honing
  • Sealing

Tile & Grout Commercial Floor Care

Every cleaning service, business owner and property manager knows that regular mopping will not keep the floors clean and free of stubborn stains and dirt that have settled on tile surfaces or deep into grout lines. This is especially true in high-traffic areas such as restrooms, break rooms, lobbies, and hallways.

TamCare Services employs highly trained floor technicians and the most advanced equipment and techniques to keep tile and grout looking pristine.

Our maintenance program includes:

  • Hot Water & High-Pressure Deep Cleaning
  • Machine Scrubbing
  • Grout Repair
  • Re-grouting
  • Repairs
  • Grout Sealing/Impregnator

Vinyl Composite Tile Floor Care

High traffic can cause serious wear and tear on any commercial floor. Daily cleaning will not keep floors scratch-free and worn-out looking. Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) flooring requires special maintenance to retain a professional, safe and clean appearance at all times.

TamCare Services can create a customized maintenance plan to keep VCT floors looking cleaner and new for much longer.

Our maintenance program includes:

  • Strip and Wax
  • Scrub and Re-coat
  • Spray Buff
  • High-speed Buffing
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