Our Core Values

TamCare Services is the superior choice for comprehensive Green Clean Building Services for all commercial properties in Palm Beach, Dade, Broward and Martin Counties.

Green Cleaning creates a healthier environment for your employees and visitors while protecting the environment for future generations. Whether it is individual projects such as pressure washing, and painting, or full service, long-term contracts for janitorial, maintenance and porter service, we are the providers to call!

TamCare Services is a privately owned company operating since 1994 with a current portfolio of over 7 million square feet and growing. We remain consistent and reliable in our service from the first day throughout our contractual relationships. We stay vigilant to identify any changing needs based on our close oversight of properties. We take ownership of our properties as well as offer proactive care alternatives. We are flexible and work organically with our clients to grow and adapt if and when their needs change and evolve.

Green Cleaning and Sustainability:

  • Green and Energy Star Equipment

  • Green Sealed and Green Earth Cleaning Products

  • Waste Recycling

  • Reduced Water Usage

  • Extensive Training for Our Staff – Green Cleaning, Safety and Security


We believe that open and honest communication is the basis for forming sustainable and rewarding relationships. Our clients are the priority, and we actively and regularly seek their feedback. We invest in our clients just as they invest in us. The trust placed in our hands is of the utmost importance, and we take this seriously. The dedication to our purpose is founded on our pride to be selected as our clients’ trusted partner, and the execution of our work is rooted in principles of integrity. We treat our clients as long-term, trusted partners.
We are committed as a company to be responsive to our clients’ individual needs, requests, and to exceeding their expectations; we serve our clients with experience, skill, creativity, and care. We are conscientious in attaining our clients’ objectives in the most cost-effective manner possible. To best accomplish this, we recruit, hire and retain managers and staff of the highest level of experience and expertise. All TamCare Services employees have been fully vetted, background checked and assessed for skill appropriate job allocation prior to being placed with our clients.

Everyone in the company is encouraged to be a leader – to take ownership, initiative, and be proactive. We actively listen and welcome an open exchange of ideas and solutions. We treat clients, colleagues, and employees with respect and dignity. We are mindful of people’s needs, schedules and priorities. We establish trust, loyalty, and long-term, mutually rewarding working relationships by staying true to these principles. We create a positive, collaborative environment for those who work with us and for us to find success.

Our Team



Howard is actively involved in all general business management, daily operations and the enhancement of client relationships, personally insuring the highest quality standards provided by TamCare Services. He established the company in 1994, rooted in the fundamental principles of honesty, and integrity, founded on the dedication to provide consistent, reliable and measurable results. He named the company after his ultimate pride and joy, his two daughters Tamera and Carrie. From the inception, he has created a partnership with his clients based on impeccable service, open communication and delivering on what he promises. He draws on his experience and passion garnered from his elite military career in the development and execution of TamCare Services’ principles and business practices. He promotes leadership as the company culture, is committed to the continuing education of this team members and stands behind the principle that the clients come first. Howard prides himself on being personally known to all of his clients, and is available 24/7 to stand behind his company and to provide the utmost in client care.



Ken is responsible for leading our sales division as well as optimizing our customer experience. Ken brings a great deal of leadership to the team, from his honorable service in the United States Marine Corps and distinguished career as a Federal Officer. Ken’s attention to details and contagious work ethic are the cornerstones of our business development strategy. As a native to Florida, Ken brings an extensive knowledge of the marketplace as well as a tremendous list of industry relationships.



Gilder has over 20 years of professional experience in the janitorial field beginning with ABM in 1998. He came to work with TamCare Services in 2011 and oversees all aspects of the day and night operations for work performed in the portfolio of buildings in his care, executing all contractual services based on the specific client’s needs to the highest quality standards. He is responsible for hiring, training and retaining managers, porters, cleaning crews and all team members dedicated to each building. Gilder speaks both English and Spanish and has a teaching degree from Guatemala.



Jackie is the cornerstone of TamCare Services client experience and handles all service requests, new service inquiries, contractual client communications and contract management as well as payroll and all general administrative duties. She began working with the company 2009 and continues to be an integral support to clients and the management team on a daily basis. She graduated from a Baker College of Jackson Michigan with an Associate’s Degree in Accounting. Her expertise in client relationships, problem solving and depth of experience in supporting to the TamCare Services team is invaluable. When you contact TamCare Services, Jackie will happily be on the receiving end to answer any questions!

TamCare Services