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Here are some helpful tips from TamCare.

1. Don’t hire a company without references.

It may seem counterintuitive, but avoid hiring a company withoutreferences – they might be great at their job and have an excellentreputation, but if no one has ever heard of them before it’s not worththe risk!

2. Don’t hire a short-term contract company.

These short-term contract companies are usually not as skilled,qualified or reliable as one would hope them to be and will leave your company in shambles by the end of their contact period.

3. Ask about the cleaning products they use and if they are environmentally friendly.

Ask about cleaning products used and whether they’re environmentally friendly because some cleaners can harm your health when exposed to too much over time.

4. Avoid companies with high turnover rates.

Avoid companies with high turnover rates as this could mean there are lots of unhappy employees who don’t like working for that particular company which will lead to poor customer service or performance in general.

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