Your Guide To Effective Office Space Maintenance

Keeping your office space well-maintained is essential to your business operations. It is understated how much an effective office maintenance plan can contribute to productivity, the well-being of your employees, and, if your business is customer-centric, the experience of your clients and customers.

Using this guide will provide a solid foundation for your office maintenance plan and act as a checklist to ensure you’ve covered the basics. So, let’s get started!

Office Maintenance Checklist

Get familiar with what your office maintenance requirements are. Every office space has unique maintenance requirements. A good first step is to identify what your office requires. Here are some tips for assessing your office maintenance needs:

  • Identify the size of your space, the number of offices, common spaces and restrooms.
  • Create a high-level understanding of what you expect your office maintenance services to accomplish.
  • Estimate a budget that will help you achieve those goals.

Make your own unique office maintenance checklist. Once you’ve defined what your office maintenance needs, it’s time to create a checklist to ensure the execution of details is covered. Use these tips to develop a comprehensive office maintenance checklist:

    • Detail the frequency of tasks, i.e., what should be done daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly.
    • Develop a plan for both the interior and exterior maintenance of the office.
    • Don’t overlook common areas. Keep them well-stocked and clean for a better overall working environment.
    • Add maintenance of your equipment, such as air conditioners and heating systems, to your list.
  • Seek out a service provider that understands your needs. You’ll want to find an office maintenance service provider with the experience and customer-oriented skills you need to keep your office clean, healthy, and running smoothly. Taking the time upfront to ensure that the service provider you choose has the skills and customer-centric attitude you need will set you up for success in the long term.
  • Stay connected to your service provider. Communicate what you want to your service provider and be accessible should they have questions. It’s also a good idea to assess how things are going routinely to ensure that needs have not changed and that the plan doesn’t need to be adjusted.

TamCare Services has over three decades of experience providing specialized janitorial services to all classes of commercial properties in Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, Broward, and Martin Counties.

We excel at 

  • Superior Cleaning – This is what we do here at TamCare. Our unrivaled attention to detail in cleaning your office space enables you to protect the health and wellness of your occupants as well as makes a great impression.
  • Property Preservation – Our cleaning process goes far beyond surface level. Our professional and in-depth cleaning methods help you uphold the value of your commercial real estate assets.
  • Expectations Exceeded – From the actual cleaning to occupant interactions to account management, we focus on creating a great experience. We know our partnership with you is essential to our success and yours, so we work hard to ensure you are happy with all aspects of our service.

Are you interested in learning how TamCare can help you with award-winning service?  Contact us today.


At TamCare Services, founded in 1994, we let our clients know from the start that we are more than just a janitorial services company. Of course, we strive to be the best at providing janitorial services without fail, but to us, it’s something bigger. Something more important. Something more foundational to the success of our clients’ work. We know that our role matters. When it’s done right, it may go unnoticed. Still, it is an essential function of creating the quality work environment your business needs so it can find optimal levels of safety, employee engagement and productivity – to name a few things.

Our range of services includes:

  • Janitorial and porter services
  • Floor care
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Painting
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